Monday, April 30, 2012

#1  BUYING OR SELLING! Purchasing your first home is a bit of a dilemma. Should I move in with my parents to save money? Should I buy now or wait to see if prices drop further? Will rates drop even more? Should I buy or rent? Do not even know where to begin? Should I keep searching those “internet sites”? Questions! Questions! What are the answers! First, you cannot do anything without having your financial house in order. Just do not keep having people check those credit scores or your score will drop from all of the hits. I am a Realtor and I believe that should be your first stop. A full time Realtor can explain the home buying process to you including financing, narrowing the search, inspections, attorneys, and paperwork. My best advice is to find a Realtor who is a good negotiator and will be a strong advocate for you. A good analogy is that the Realtor you choose will be like a spouse to you. This is a great time to buy. Low rates, good inventory, and a chance to own the American Dream.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Getting Mom & Dad Downsized

Are those reverse mortgages coming due?  Is Care giving becoming even more stressful?  What should we do about Mom & Dad?  The winter is quickly approaching and bad weather is right around the corner.  How do we get Mom and Dad to think about selling and how do we get them moving into Assisted Living, an apartment, a relative or bring in additional help.  This is never easy.  They are all so independent.  Make certain the Realtor you choose is compassionate and caring and that person does not rush them.  They need time to think and to adjust.  May be they start by gathering information.